About Us

Are you people of action? The best rest for you is to change a job, isn’t it? Then this project for you!

The idea to organize a historical complex that will help to plunge totally into the previous century atmosphere came into being spontaneously but certainly not but chance. In this day and age, not many of us work physically, and it is a very reason why we get so tired.. Nanosy Agro-tourist complex is a possibility to change your attitude to the rest and to your life. Nanosy is a possibility to rest so well that you will always remember the nice muscle fatigue mixed with new experiences, collective work, emotions from communing with the nature, plunged into the cultural traditions of the past.

"Know yourselfreal through the historical past and cultural traditions." Staying at Nanosy will allow you to wake up at the crack of dawn, fire a Russian furnace and cook in it, gather vegetables in the garden, tend for chickens in your own chicken coop, cook mead, make sausage, catch fish and smoke the harvest, milk cows, turn butter, cook cheese and cottage cheese. You can discover the wonderful natural landscape and communicate with animals, enjoy forest and lake trophies and, of course, to look at relations from a new side. After all, a family and friends make our lives meaningful, because we are truly happy only through giving, helping, and doing something TOGETHER. You will have an entire range here.

There is nothing like coming to a wood-scented house being tired but happy and full of impressions. There is nothing like happier than to see your children’s glowing eyes filled with delight. We are confident that the children will certainly write in their How I Spent My Summer Composition about their holiday in Nanosy-Novoselye. You and your friends do realize that this is the most striking and unusual experience, and you will recommend this adventure to you relatives. Be prepared for the fact that, due to the low signal level, playing Tanchiki or surfing the Internet on your smartphone will be difficult, and, actually, there is no need for this. All your life in Nanosy is an exciting and memorable game, but it is real.

Living in Nanosy, you will enjoy simple and interesting daily activities and concerns. We are waiting for unusual and bold, active and curious people, those who want to discover something new in themselves and like-minded people. If you think that you have nothing to be surprised with, Nanosy will definitely prove that you are wrong!

Plunging into the traditions and the participation of everyone in everyday affairs, of course, does not mean that the rest will be uncomfortable. Each guesthouse has the following:

• An individual hostess with knowledge of the English language (German, Spanish, or Italian)

• A living room with a kitchen and a Russian furnace,

• A parents’ bedroom with a double bed,

• A children's room with a bed and stove-bench

• Baths with a hot tub, separate toilet

• An outdoor gazebo with barbecue

• A cellar with pickles and marinades

• A chicken coop with individual breeds of chickens

• Hayloft in the attic.

You can visit the windmills and watermills, museums of samovars, coins, and Soviet cars, distillery and something more… let it be a surprise for you. The main entertainments available in the Nanosy complex you can explore here.

Rest in Nanosy is a family and / or collectivevacation. The goal is to allow visitors and guests to return to basics, simple and understandable values, to plunge into the cultural traditions and, in a new way, to realize your desires and capabilities.

Nanosy is an excellent choice for a romantic travel of lovers. Here you will see by your own eyes what your partner is capable of. Once in the unusual way of life, you and your darling will learn a lot about relationships, because here everyone will have to show creativity, dexterity, patience, and the words "help", "to understand", "to accept the new in each other" will not be just words. We hope that next year you'll be back here with the baby, and a carved bed has been already prepared for it. It turns out exciting to live without a kettle, but with a samovar, without a fridge, but with a cellar, without an oven, but with a Russianfurnace . You will learn how you can make by yourself something that will be remembered as the pinnacle of culinary art! What sweet dreams you can have not on the bed but in the hayloft! How can you ride without a car quickly and comfortably? How can sailing ship overtake motor boats?

We took care of your safety! All actions unusual for urban life you will perform only under the supervision of experienced instructors: masonry, attendant, groom, etc. Nanosy complex has twenty four hours security and fire protection. Our rescuers will also take care of safety on the water We are confident that by the end of the holiday in a fascinating and varied world of the past, you will be surprised how many things you managed to try, learn, feel, and experience. So, your journey from the beginnings to yourself, REAL, begins.

Welcome to Nanosy!