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Lucien F. 27.05.2015
AWESOME!!! It was awesome!!! The most unusual holidays I ever had! I did have A LOT to do, but

everything went smoothly. Now it seems to me, that it was just a dream. Just as if I had a time

Kate M. 27.05.2015
Though we spend only a couple of days there, it seemed that we lived there our whole life. It’s really

amazing to be that close to nature, being surrounded with plants and animals, eating natural food

you cooked yourself. It was the perfect relaxation for soul and body. We are planning to come next

year again)
Nina Anderson 27.05.2015
My husband was so skeptical at first, when I suggested going to this village for vacations. But when

he saw it… He was like a child, I swear! Horses, yachts, retro cars, vodka and sauna. Now I definitely

know what a man needs for happiness. The staff is very helpful and friendly.
Manuel 27.05.2015
It was absolutely splendid! A beautiful place, beautiful people, a lot to do, to see, to try. I have never

slept on straw before. There is a hayloft in every cottage.  After Russian banja it was simply magical.  

Like in a film))))))))))))
Clare 27.05.2015
For people, who are always eager to learn something new, to try something new, who are chasing

after new impressions.
David Lee (Manchester) 27.05.2015
A unique chance for children to see the process of producing some products we eat every single day.

And the best thing about the village, they can even try it themselves!
Liza 27.05.2015
I would strongly recommend this type of vacations to citizens of big cities. Surrounded by glass and

concrete, we forget how wonderful it can be hearing a rooster in the morning, cooking the food

yourself of the products you collected yourself.
Monica H. 27.05.2015
Simply YES YES and YES!!! It was the most exciting journey I ever had. From check in till departure

everything was simply perfect. And what I like most is that it was relaxing, active and educating at the

same time. Many would say, it´s not that important to know how to make Vodka or milk a cow. May

be. But it´s a cool experience. The ACCOMODATION is great. Really very unusual. Kind of fairy-tale

cottages with a real Russian oven in each. ACTIVITIES: well, first, be ready, that you will have to

provide yourself with food. I mean everything is there, but you need to get it aaannnnddd… cook it.

So milking a cow or collecting eggs or making vodka or going to the central square to get some

cheese or sour cream will be a part of your everyday life, the same as baking bread. But don´t worry.

It´s such an interesting process, that I guarantee you won´t be tired or bored. You can also choose

some free time activities, for example horse riding or yachting or visiting museum of samovars or the

trophy house. So you won´t have that much time for Facebook, iPads, iPhones and all that stuff. You

can hardly manage it to stay there without any new friends, because when someone´s house is

making vodka, all the others are invited to try it. Even if you consider yourself very shy, trust me, self-

made vodka (samogon) will make you very self-confident and easy-going. Take a chance!!!