All opportunities for active and interesting holiday

Below you will find a complete list of services we can offer you. A more detailed description of them is on the page Excursions. You may also be interested in tours without settling.

Learn to do the following:
•    Cook and brew mead, yoghurt and cheese, cook sausages and bread
•    Handle the Russian furnace and learn traditional recipes

Spend your time actively
•    Cycling
•    Park of quads for trips on various routesWater trips (kayak) with one or two overnight stays (with a guide)Jet skiing
•    Riding on a boat
•    Yachts
•    Participation in sailing regattas, not only between the teams fans, but in real competitions, which take place on the lake among professionalsCompetition among sailing boats, wave runners and motorboats
•    Driving cars of the Soviet period (preserved in its original state).
•    Horse riding
•    Horse ride (in the cart)
•    Horse show
•    Ski walkSnowmobiling, skiing with an instructor, with elements of extreme
•    Commune with nature
•    Fishing on the lake from a boat motor
•    Fishing in ponds (our pond or our partners’)
•    Fishing in the pond of the water mill
•    Season hunting (if you have the necessary documents) Overnight at a fire in a tepee (traditional Indian home) with traditional soaringRomanceRomantic dinner on a yacht with an overnight stayRomantic dinner on the observation platform of the complexLearn better the complex and visitMuseums
•    Swimming pool and sauna complex (jacuzzi and others)

Peasant farm "Forest Estate"
  • Farm “Forest Estate”