About Us

If the best vacation is the change of environment and you want brand new experience – this project is for you!

The idea to organize a historical complex that fully shows the atmosphere of the foregone centuries appeared spontaneously but surely not accidentally. Today not many of us work physically but get more tired of the crazy city rush hour than of great deal of physical work. Agro tourism accommodation Nanosu is the place where unusual physical work is combined with brand new experience of our ancestors, close connection to nature and exploring the traditions of the past.

"Find yourself through the historical past and cultural traditions." In Nanosu one can experience full range of traditional Russian life in the village: farming and gardening, hunting and fishing, and of course unique experience of having your own house designed and built according to the technologies of the past but fully equipped to make you feel at home. Being closer to nature in all possible ways and bring the whole family together in one great vacation worth remembering – Nanosu is exactly the place to be if you want to experience something that you have never done before.

There is noting better than the scent of trees in your own house, nothing better than seeing your own kids exited and happy. We assure you that this vacation will be a holiday to remember for you, your friends, and of course your family. Be prepared that the Internet will be forgotten and smartphones laid aside, in Nanosu everything becomes a breathtaking unforgettable game.

If you are ready to face daily concerns that we have long forgotten about and dive into the life of your ancestors, if you are extraordinary and brave, active and curious, if you want to explore the word and meet someone who is also ready to try something new Nanosu is the right place for you!

Diving into the traditions and the participation of day to day affairs, of course, does not mean that the rest will be uncomfortable. Each guest house has:

• Individual hostesses with knowledge of the English language (German, Spanish, or Italian)

• Living room with kitchenette and a Russian stove,

• Parents’ bedroom with a double bed,

• Children's room with 2 beds

• Shower and separate facilities

• Outdoor gazebo with barbecue

• Cellar with pickles and marinades

• Chicken coop

• Loft in the attic.

You can visit the windmills and watermills, museums of samovars, coins, and Soviet cars, distillery and much much more. The main entertainments available in the complex "Nanosu" you can explore here.

Nanosu is an excellent choice for a romantic vacation. Both in the new environment you will see something that you have never seen in each other. Challenging yourself and your loved one with something brand new and unknown you will realize that you are a perfect match. And next year hopefully you will come back with a charming newborn who has a bad waiting for him in Nanosu.

It turns out that it is exciting to live without pot, but with a samovar, no fridge, but with a cellar, without an oven, but with a Russian stove. You will learn how you can make yourself something that will be remembered as the pinnacle of culinary art! How sweet can the dreams get in the hay? How can you quickly and comfortably ride without a car? How can sailing overtake motors?

We took care of your safety! All unusual for urban life actions you perform only under the supervision of experienced instructors: masonry, attendant, groom, etc. Water rescue team will guard you peaceful leisure next to the water and 24/7 security and fire-fighters teams will take care of the rest.

We assure you that at the end of your unforgettable vacation you and your loved ones will discover something brand new. Great time spent with your family or friends in the environment so unique it cannot be met anywhere else is truly priceless and we as your team took care of the rest. So now you just have to step into the new world of adventures and new experience carefully planned and prepared for you just one click away.

Welcome to Nanosu!