Everything you need for exciting vacation!

Proposal for real hunting!

All activities available in Nanosu is listed below. For more information go to the tours page. You can also be interested in the non-accommodation tours

Learn how to

  • Brew your own kind of traditional Russian alcoholic beverage, cook your own cheese and butter, bake bread in a Russian stove and make your own ham

  • Cook using nothing but wood and traditional Russian stove. Become an expert in the wide range of possible recepies!

For active people

  • Biking

  • Scooters

  • 2-3 days sailing trips with experienced guides

  • Jet skies

  • Sailing

  • Professional sailing competitions between international teams

  • Soviet cars test drives

  • Horse riding

  • Equestrian show

  • Talimak skiing

  • Snow jet skies

Get closer to nature with

Enjoy romance with

  • 1 night sailing trip (romantic dinner included)

  • special romantic dinner with the view on a lake (from an observation plato)


  • Museums

  • Swimming pool&Spa

  • Farm “Forest Estate”