Three Happy Days or Belorussian Miracle

by Igor Grigorenko

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Once, during exotic fishing in Texas, a friend of mine Evgeni Navaseletski told me that he is building a ethnic village on the Naroch lake in Belarus. The village is called Nanosy Novoselye. he promised me then that we are going to go for an exciting fish-hunt on that lake. i haven’t been excited about fishing for a long time, so i was really counting on this one. 

i was really interested in Evgeni's offer, because he knows that i am hard to surprise. After checking out the web page of the village, i was shocked. I have seen the bed i am going to sleep in and all the conditions around. Furthermore, I found out a lot of new things about the place itself and about the nature of the country. 

I called Evgeni straight away and told him that i am really interested in his project and ordered a tour for three days. Sadly, only one house was available, so i couldn’t invite my friends from Russia to check it out with me. 

When i arrived in Minsk, Evgeni called me and said that while I am in the city i can go and see some places of interest or check out some nice restaurants nearby. He said that his people are going to pick me up in one hour and a half so I have my free time to relax. I had a great time in the city and after one and a half hours came to my hotel. A Mercedes Jeep is waiting for me… At that moment i thought that these people know how to surprise their guests. 

A very attentive driver met me, he gave me a small tour in the city and then asked me whether I need to go to the shop, which was very nice of him. On the way to the village i decided to watch a relaxing comedy, but the nature was way more interesting and eye catching. By the way, the road was really good and the drive was nice and smooth. 

When we arrived, I was taken to the reception, where after some short document registrations the workers took me to my house and showed me around. My stuff was immediately taken there as well. I could not thank the driver, and he was really happy to get the tip. 


Finally I am in the house where I am gonna spend «three happy days». The house is very comfortable and made with all the Russian traditions and style. I was surprised (again!!!) when I was introduced to my own hostess, who showed me how to fire the oven and a lot of other things. When she saw that I am starting to forget all the instructions, she said that she will always be around and help me with everything i need. The hostess took me then to the circus performance, I have never seen something like that before and I don’t think that something like that even exists in some other place! I would love to see it again and i recommend it to everyone. I am very glad that I am friends with Evgeni, who had courage and intelligence to make all his ideas become real and very fascinating. 

The performance took place in the the horse stable and it was a great pleasure for me to be there and to experience it. The show has a really good quality and can be comparable to the Arabian stables, which are very famous all over the world. 

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When i came back to the house, my bed was already made for me to crash in it. The hostess warned me that the alarm is not needed for the morning, however i decided to set one and set it for 8 o’clock in the morning. 

Day 1

My hostess Anna was right. In the morning with the first sun light the cocks woke me up. And then I remembered the article on the villages web site about that. The menu for breakfast was really rich, I decided to eat the fried eggs with bacon, salad and vegetables. we went to the chicken house, took the eggs, then to the food sealed, generally we took everything needed for breakfast. at the end, it was the best fried eggs that I ever ate in my life. 

The weather was bad, so i thought i would chill in bed with my iPad, but my lovely hostess Anna said that we are going to cook. She brought meat, fat and spices and we decided to make some homemade sausages. I was really proud of the first sausage i made, and now every time i am traveling around the world, i think about it. 

After lunch the weather because really nice and we went to see the yachts.

The captain of the boats asked if I can swim and rule the boat and i told him that i have a license. They gave me a special suite for sailing and we had a very nice trip on a sailing boat, which I myself ruled. 

Anna was waiting for me to take me to the horse stable again. We had another tour, this time in the forest. On the way we picked some mushrooms for Annas cooking experiences. In the evening I was really tired and then we cooked a soup from the duck. I have tried very many alcoholic beverages my life, but this samogon from Abrams was the best one in my life. Later on i relaxed in the sauna, which is also very well made. 

Day 2

Early in the morning Evgeni woke me up, brought me breakfast and them we went fishing. The fishing boat was fully equipped and made with all the necessary details. 

The professionals, who were in charge of the underwater GPS and all the water scans found a right place for fishing, they also set the right depth and angle of the spinning. After some time, the fish bite the spinning and we began the fight with it. Evgeni told me that it is at least 10 kilos! We caught a real monster, 14-15 kilos! I have seen a fish like that only in Alaska! 

After a successful fishing, we went to the sauna, took come cranberry samogon and food. For dinner we had traditional cotelette made of fish, it was incredibly tasty and the environment was really nice and friendly. 

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Day 3

In the morning we went to all the museums on the territory. Evgeni showed everything himself. 

The samovar museum had more that 300 types of samovars in it. the most interesting were the smallest samovar, which is 2 cm, and the biggest samovar being 3 meters tall. The next stop was the wind mill, which was really nicely situated. There were many samogon apparatuses inside which were all working. 

Afterwards we went fishing to another village, called Abramy. The workers showed us the sets of lakes and told us that they are very rich for fish. We had another successful fishing time and then Evgeni showed me around in that village. He showed me the houses for fishermen, the dogs stable and the big chicken, turkey and duck stable. 

Evgeni Invited me to go hunting and I was very happy to join him. We had a very wide choice of guns and after a successful hunt Evgeni took me to the Trophies house. There we had a very nice dinned make from the ducks we hunted down. I was really exited to see all the trophies in the house, also a big swimming pool and the house itself. 

The next day I was traveling to Alaska. I was still shocked and surprised by what I saw in this beautiful Belorussian place. Come to Nanosy, you will definitely have a great time and indeed Three Happy Days!